Old project, revisited…my wedding invitations


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!! I dug up my old wedding invitations and I still really love them so decided to write a post on them.

As you can see I was married in 2008. When we got married, we didn’t have too much money so I decided to make our wedding invitations. I think I would have done this regardless of the money because I really enjoyed making them. I do wish pinterest existed in 2008 because there are so many great ideas for DIY weddings. If you haven’t joined or visited pinterest you should do it now…..yes now and then come back and read the rest of the post.

Welcome back! So, I am very proud of my wedding invitations and I wanted to show you pictures of how I made them. Let me know what you think and enjoy.


I was a printmaker in college so I figured I would make a stamp to represent us. I used to play with those Playskool wooden figurines growing up and I just thought they were so darn cute so they became my inspiration. I like the simplicity of the bride and groom. I stamped the image (yes by hand and yes I was insane but it got done pretty quickly….no kids then) on craft paper that I pre-cut.



I wanted the image of the bride and groom to be almost like a “ghost image” behind all the information, so found some great frosted mylar and bought it pretty cheap and then found a printer to print my information on the mylar. The little pocket held all the information for the wedding like accommodations, directions, etc. Again, I hand glued that little pocket….yeah I know…stupid but it was all worth it. The information that went over the printed image was tied to the paper with a piece of craft straw.


Above is a picture of the invitation closed. I wanted it to be super simple so I just did a small flap folded over and then it went in a brown paper envelope. Super simple but represented us very well. The invitation also set the stage for how I decorated for the wedding. I used white, cream, tan, and a lot of browns with pops of color. The table cloths were linen with burlap runners and in the center were wild flowers in antique mason jars that I collected over the years (and still have). I used the linoleum cut and stamped the image on pieces of old wood. The wedding took place in my husband’s uncle’s barn and property in upstate New York. I also had paper lanterns and small lights for the mood.


Besides the image I made, I also love the return RSVP card. I decided to do a postcard because it was a lot cheaper and that way we could get a little story from everyone about us as a couple. We kept the RSVP postcards and put them on a cork board that I made out of actual wine corks and put them up at the gift table so people could read what others wrote. I actually still have the postcards and look through them every once and a while. Friends and family wrote some really amazing and wonderful things.

There you have it. I am still proud of the invitation I made for our wedding and really had a good time making them. I have made a few other wedding invites since then because it is just so much fun. It is a great way to be crafty and creative. What do you all think? Do you think it would still hold up now in 2012?

Let’s hear your thoughts.

Have a great weekend!!!

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