Industrial Metal Cabinet turned into Awesome


IMG_6048I found this great metal industrial cabinet at a local reclaimed furniture store. I bought is for $20 and was very happy about it. It is on wheels and has great storage inside. I have been looking for something that I could use outside on our porch for a long time and then I stumbled upon this.

IMG_6050My plan was to find something for multiple uses. I needed something to keep my gardening stuff in as well as a side table for when we are sitting outside. This ended up being perfect.

First I scrubbed rust off and a lot of dirt then I spray painted the inside and outside with outdoor yellow spray paint. I had to use multiple coats but it was super fast (2 cans). I chose yellow because it is bright and brings some great color to the porch. I also am obsessed with yellow and it goes with almost everything. I have white chairs and a few other pieces of random furniture so it works out.



On the top shelf I keep plastic ware for outdoor grilling and hanging out. I also have cozies and some extra bottle openers. The bottom shelf has gardening stuff, that belongs to myself and my daugher. The peg board on the door could be put to better use, I just have to get the hooks for it.

Here is a glimpse of where I have the cabinet now. I like that I can move it around. We use it quite a bit while sitting outside and for grilling. There is much more I can do to our porch but this is a start.

What do you think? Good color choice? Would love to hear your thoughts so comment below. Thanks for stopping by.

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