uniqueannickMy name is Marie Darling and I am a mother of two filled with DIY and creative projects. I always need to be do something creative and most of the time it involves my two awesome kids. I like sharing my work and hope that one day it leads to a career but until then, I will just blog about it.

Since having my kids, two things have happened: 1). I am constantly thinking ways to entertain them via projects and 2). I began sewing my own baby onesies. I have been inspired by my kids and making cool outfits for them to wear. I like making them look fancy so I started with the onesies. Now that they have nearly grown out of them, I keep making them as gifts for friends, baby showers, etc. People seem to like them and they are fun to make so why not?

You can see what project I am working on and see what else I am up to in my blog or you can visit my Etsy store and see what children clothing I am selling.  Please comment away on my blog and join in the creative discussions because I love hearing about others peoples’ ideas and thoughts on what I’m doing.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like what you see and read.